People of Avondale

Following is an incomplete list of people who helped to shape Avondale or notable people who otherwise made Avondale their home.

Brand, Alexander
Brand, Virgil M.
Butterfield, Justin
Dawson, Reverend
Frerk, Henry
Greenebaum, J.
Haussen, Ferdinand
Jax, Anthony- Polish composer
Nystrom, A.J.
Olson, Walter E.- president of Olson Rug, founder of Olson Park and waterfall
Pennock, Homer
Repsold, George J.- community figure
Smith, George- Avondale Park director at least in 1930s
Snell, Amos
Spasojevich, Nada
Wisner, Albert

Have any information about these Avondale legends? Know of anyone who should be on the list? Please feel free to share!

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