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On this day, 10 June in the two thousand twelfth year of the lord Jesus Christ, I do solitarily swear that the purpose of this here blog, born today, is to document an exploration of the great neighborhood of Avondale in Chicago, Illinois. This great neighborhood, of which there is no equal, is bounded roughly by the Milwaukee District North Line rail and Pulaski on the west, Western Avenue and the Chicago River on the east, Addison Street to the north and Diversey Avenue to the south. The physical setting of this blog remains constantly in Avondale; and the only variable is time.

In addition to solitarily swearing, I reserve the right to also publicly swear, where appropriate or inappropriate, for there is no journalistic standard towards which I strive other than a discovery of the truth. As captain and commander of my own mind, I hereby order myself to write a thousand blog entries, following tangents where they may lead, just to keep the ink flowing steadily that many new things may be learned along the way.

If you’d like to follow along this journey, I would love to hear your own comments, stories, praise, and insults. As long as the topic remains Avondale, a neighborhood of which there is no equal, it is all worth discussing.

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